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INOX Group
The Jain family's tryst with business started more than 90 years ago. In the 1920s, Shri Siddhomal Jain established Siddhomal and Sons, a successful paper and newsprint trading business. In the 1960s, his son Devendra Kumar Jain, a History Hons. graduate from New Delhi's prestigious St. Stephen's College, decided to go beyond the trading business and become an industrialist. He saw great promise in the business of extracting, liquefying and selling gases from natural air, as these industrial gases were widely used in the steel, manufacturing and healthcare sectors - all of which were flourishing in India at that time. He finally established Industrial Oxygen Co. Pvt. Ltd. in Pune in 1963.
Mr. Devendra Kumar Jain
Mr. Devendra Kumar Jain, a graduate in History (Hons.) from St. Stephens College, New Delhi, possesses over 65 years of rich experience in business management and international trade. In recognition of his successful efforts to increase bilateral trade with Commonwealth
Mr. Pavan Jain
Mr. Pavan Jain, Chairman of the INOX Group, is a Chemical Engineer from IIT, New Delhi, and an industrialist with over 45 years of experience. As the Chairman of INOX Air Products Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Jain has steered the company’s growth from a single plant business to one of
Mr. Siddharth Jain
Siddharth joined the Group Leadership in 2001 and has successfully ensured that all businesses maintain market leadership positions in their respective industries. Under Siddharth’s leadership, INOX Air Products remains India’s largest industrial and
Group Companies
India’s Largest Medical &
Industrial Gas Manufacturer
INOX Air Products is the largest manufacturer of Industrial & Medical Gases in India. The company offers a unique portfolio of gases, equipment and services through a massive manufacturing capacity of 4000 TPD of liquid gases delivered from 48 operating locations. With its extensive network of operations, and a vastly diverse client ecosystem, INOX Air Products empowers more than 1800 small, medium and large manufacturing organizations across dozens of sectors, enabling and empowering them on their way to achieve their vision. In our glorious journey of more than half a century,
India's Largest Cryogenic
Engineering Company
INOXCVA is one of the world’s leading providers of customized cryogenic solutions to global customers across the clean energy space including industrial gases, LNG, hydrogen and cryo-scientific applications, for over three decades. It’s offerings include standard cryogenic tanks and equipment, beverage kegs, bespoke technology, equipment and solutions as well as large turnkey projects which are used in diverse industries such as industrial gases, liquified natural gas (“LNG”), green hydrogen, energy, steel, medical and healthcare, chemicals and fertilizers, aviation and aerospace, pharmaceuticals and construction.
India's Largest
Cinema Exhibition Company
PVR Limited completed the merger of INOX Leisure Limited, effective February 06, 2023. The merged entity is India's largest film exhibition company, with over 1700+ screens across more than 115 cities (India and Sri Lanka). Since their inception, PVR and INOX have created iconic cinema brands with storied histories of achieving significant milestones and setting benchmarks in the film exhibition industry. With a collective heritage of transforming out-of-home entertainment in the country, the merged company offers a wide range of cinema services
The story of Brand INOX
INOX Group
The INOX Group, a multifaceted and diversified Indian conglomerate, has a heritage spanning more than eight decades. Throughout its journey, the Group has authored a narrative of enduring growth and financial success, rooted in unwavering principles such as Reliability, Integrity, Timely Delivery, and Good Governance. Across the generations that have guided the Group's enterprises, these values have remained at the core, becoming synonymous with the identity of the INOX Group.
Thanks to a deeply ingrained business philosophy instilled from its inception, the INOX Group epitomizes the essence of Leadership. With pioneering ventures encompassing the manufacturing of Industrial and Medical Gases, the development of bespoke cryogenic solutions, LNG and Hydrogen storage and distribution equipment, and cutting-edge applications in cryo-science, the INOX Group stands as a true embodiment of Leadership.
INOX Air Products maintains its position as India's foremost industrial and medical gas manufacturer, while INOXCVA, a prominent player in the Cryogenics Equipment Manufacturing sector, ranks among the world's leading cryogenic tank manufacturers. The Group's consumer-focused venture, PVR INOX Ltd, operates the largest cinema chain in India and is the fifth-largest listed cinema chain globally. Each of these Group entities has established new industry benchmarks, driven by innovation, creativity, rapid execution, and sustained profitability.
The INOX Group, through its companies - INOX Air Products, INOXCVA, and PVR INOX Ltd, is committed to making a positive impact on society. With a workforce exceeding 10,000 individuals spread across over 200 business units throughout India, the Group actively engages in various social and community projects.
The INOX Group's dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is unwavering, encompassing initiatives in Education, Nation Building, Healthcare, Rural Development, Sports, Sanitation, Sports, Sanitation, Environmental Sustainability, and Women
Empowerment. These efforts are a testament to the Group's commitment to making a meaningful difference in the communities it serves.
Furthermore, the teams at INOX Air Products and INOXCVA demonstrated their 'nation-first' ethos during the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, earning accolades not only from stakeholders but also from the highest offices in the country. This highlights the Group's steadfast dedication to putting the nation's welfare at the forefront of its endeavours.
The INOX Group is driven by an innovative and visionary leadership that consistently positions its brands at the forefront of the industry. Rooted in a commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs and aspirations, the Group's decision-making processes prioritize customer-centric solutions with a global track record of excellence.
At the heart of the INOX Group's ethos lies a culture marked by entrepreneurial spirit, ownership, and the continuous exchange of fresh ideas. Investment in customer-centric innovation is a fundamental aspect of the Group's DNA, resulting in a steady stream of new products and services.
The INOX Group places paramount importance on active, timely, and efficient customer engagement across all communication channels. While traditional communication practices bolster the Group's reputation, digital media channels enable meaningful interactions with contemporary stakeholders.
The Group's spirit and culture find resonance in sports, believing that sports have the power to forge strong bonds with stakeholders. As the Official Sponsor of the Indian Olympics Team, the INOX Group takes immense pride in supporting the Olympic movement in the country. Beyond grassroots, regional, and national sports support, the cinema exhibition venture also strives to recreate a stadium-like experience by offering live screenings of sporting events.